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Helheim Gallery is a friendly and welcoming nook built by, and catering to the gentle misfits of the world.

The brainchild of Kelly Doty, Kristin Welch and Britt Whitman, The Helheim Gallery was born when all three individuals pined for the homeland of Massachusetts and the inspiration that comes with it. They settled in the town of Salem, MA, finding it to be the perfect mix of friendly, inspiring and rightfully haunting. Helheim has grown and evolved over it's life, as all living things do. With CJ Beale at the helm of the ship, and the joyful and talented Olivia Pakitsas tattooing full time, we are excited to bring our client's ideas to life and provide a safe space to all of our amazing clients!

The Helheim Gallery specializes in custom tattoos designed by each of it's artists. We are an art driven shop and feature Gallery presentations as well as frequent Art Nights. We are also dedicated to furthering our craft through frequent conferences, seminars, conventions and world travel.

We also watch a lot of The Hobbit, and it shows.

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