Feb 1-3 Literary Ink Chattanooga

The whole honkin crew is off to Chattanooga! which, in case you made the same mistake we made, is a city in Tennessee, not the noise and old timey car horn makes. We're SO excited for Literary Ink since we are all avid Harry Potter fans and can't wait to be in an environment where we can discuss this to a terrifying degree.

March 1-3 Detroit Motor City Tattoo Expo

Kelly and Sean are off to Detroit for the 24th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo! This one is near and dear to us since Eternal Ink throws this bash and they've been incredible supporters of ours from day one. We can't wait!

​April 26-29 Hell City Killumbus

Jess, Sean and Kelly are headed to Ohio for the wonderful Hell City convention! We try to go every year as this is one of the conventions we have the most fun at, and see the most friends. It's also run by our friend Durb and his amazing crew who throw an amazing party every year.